Health & Safety

Health & Safety

I would like to take the time to reassure clients that the studio has always and will continue to follow strict health guidelines, pandemic or no pandemic. I have taken courses in blood borne pathogens, cross contamination, sterilisation and Covid-19 clinical safety. I also hold a tattoo & piercing license granted by the City of Edinburgh Council who inspect the premises to ensure it continually follows the criteria for hygiene and prevention of contamination.

As we move forwards from coronavirus, the main changes in the studio will be taking extra time between clients. Of course, before coronovirus I always sanitised my work station and disposed of single use items (needles, microblading handles etc.). I will now also thoroughly sanitise chairs, doorhandles, pens and so on between clients to reduce risks of contamination.

I also ask that clients come at their designated time and not early, as you will not be permitted to come in until these procedures have taken place. The entry system is a buzzer (buzzer 2 in case you need a reminder) so please only buzz at your appointment time. I will have an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser at my door upstairs for everyone coming into the studio and there is also hand washing facilities available.

I do ask you come alone at this time to your appointment although if there are any issues with this please email me and we can make arrangements as your comfort is also paramount to me. Finally I will have masks available for clients to wear during their appointment if you don't have your own: again I understand there may be health constraints, please get in touch.

So in short;

  • Please arrive on time and only buzz the door at your designated appointment time.
  • Please use the available hand sanitiser as you enter the studio.
  • Please come to your appointment alone.
  • Please bring a mask or be prepared to wear a mask during your treatment.